Why Attend Journey?


Journey for me means a second chance for church. Before coming to Journey I had a bad experience with my church which resulted in a lot of negative feelings about the purpose of church and a false assumption I could do it better on my own. 

It wasn't long after leaving the church my life began to spiral out of control. I was no longer serving the Lord I once knew and loved so passionately. 

The twist to my story . . . I was once a youth pastor. I never imagined I would ever lose sight of God’s purpose for my life. However, after three years on my own I hit rock bottom. 

I allowed God to take control. It wasn’t long before I found a church where I truly felt I belonged. I now feel so much love and support, free of all biases and judgments. Journey met me where I was and helped grow me into the person I am today. 

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I came to Journey Church at the invitation of a friend. I was in a very bad place in life. I had come through some serious medical issues and was suffering consequences of choices personally. I felt like a complete failure and such a disappointment to God. 

Journey allowed me just to sit back for awhile and there was no pressure. Everyone was very casual and that was the norm. 

Three things have blown me away about Journey. One is leadership wants people to have a personal relationship with Jesus above all else. If that means going to another church that’s what one is encouraged to do. I have NEVER heard any pastor say if God is calling you to another church we want you to go with our blessings. 

Leadership says Journey is God's church and not a pastor’s. This was huge! I have been in church a long time and have NEVER seen such lip service put into action! Everyone I have told has the same reaction I did! 

The second is giving financially is taught but not hammered and hammered and hammered. 

The third is you can talk with someone about areas of behavior the church will typically teach on and say "I have not seen that in the Bible and am not sure that's quite right." The person in leadership I spoke with shared some of the same struggles. Imagine someone not having all the answers and admitting it! I am proud to tell people about Journey Church and to be a part of this body of believers. 

The other thing I want to add about why I like Journey is that I have never heard them EVER criticize another denomination. I think that is so cool. 

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Journey Church has really changed my life. I have searched for awhile looking for a church where I felt comfortable. The people are warm and inviting. I'll never forget the first time I went. As I approached the front door, I was welcomed with a big smile and someone saying to me "Good morning; glad you are here." Each time I go someone always comes up and introduces themselves to me. They make you feel a part of the church. 

I look forward each week to Sunday mornings when its time to go back and worship. I feel so good when I leave, energized and ready to begin my week. I can apply the teachings to my everyday life and use them to help me in situations that occur each day. 

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To me, Journey Church means people who really care and who really help others—a people who have been the face of God to me. Journey Church has given me another family, a sense of belonging, and connectedness. I feel God's presence in the power of our community, relationships, worship, service, Bible studies, children’s programs, and fellowship. I experience acceptance, warmth, and God's unconditional love. 

Being involved at Journey Church has strengthened my faith and helped me to walk closer with Christ. I thoroughly look forward to worship and celebrating our awesome God through being together, our wonderful music, and multi-media. Christ-centered messages keep me engaged and challenged. 

After visiting many churches I chose to become a member of Journey Church for its authenticity, beliefs, diversity, teaching, commitment and compassion to living and sharing the Gospel, and the welcoming, nonjudgmental atmosphere. 

I also value that I have been welcomed warmly whether or not I come alone, with my children, and whether I come with or without my husband. So many times at other churches I felt left out or treated differently because my husband didn't come with me regularly, if at all. 

At Journey I appreciate that my husband is welcomed and not pushed. He has actually chosen to come with us quite often which says a lot about the open, welcoming atmosphere of Journey. In fact, this is the most he has ever attended church with me which has everything to do with the Holy Spirit and with Journey Church. 


Journey is a special place with a passion for Christ. I love being a part of Journey, and I want others to know and experience God's love through Journey as well.    

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We started coming to Journey Church when our lives were in complete turmoil. We were going through the most difficult time in our marriage. We had left our previous church abruptly. I knew without question that the most crucial characteristic of my church-to-be would be a place filled with a gracious spirit. I was looking for a church that welcomed believers and non-believers alike and embraced differences among us. 


I wanted a church where dialogue about areas of dissenting opinions could be discussed and debated lovingly while recognizing that we have the ultimate commonality in our Savior. I wanted a church that prioritized outreach to those struggling with their faith and their lives. My husband wanted a church that had awesome music and a strong mission for Christ. Thankfully, God pointed us to Journey immediately, and we didn't have to look any further to find the church that was right for us. 


I didn't grow up in a church, and I didn't really start exploring my relationship with Christ until I was an adult. Unfortunately, many of my first encounters with Christians were ones filled with judgment, condemnation, and self-righteousness. I knew that this wasn't what God intended for us to be in the world. At a time when I was questioning whether or not a different kind of church was out there, we found Journey. Journey Church has reaffirmed for me that there is a place where God is present and working and where his followers are striving to become the body that He has described in Scripture. 


It feels amazing to leave church every Sunday with an uplifted spirit and the motivation to improve ourselves and our world. Journey absolutely oozes positivity and everyone that I have gotten to know has been nothing short of warm and loving. Journey is a place where people are genuinely excited to be there and eager to serve the world for Christ. Journey sets a high standard for Christians but in a way that is free from guilt and full of hope. 


Journey has provided so many opportunities for growth and has been the backdrop to many positive changes in our lives. We have experienced a deepening of our faith over the past couple of years, and Journey Church has been a large part of that. One of the best experiences that we have had at Journey is our home group. It is through this group that we have developed close friendships and a stronger sense of God’s desires for our lives. We challenge each other, encourage each other, and love each other, unconditionally . . . because that’s what Christ has done for us. 


This church truly is a community where we are all learning and working together to make Journey Church a beautiful reflection of Christ in our world. I feel completely fortunate and thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful place. 


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