2022 Media

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  • At The Movies

    A series on how the Christian faith relates to some of the most popular 2022 summer movies, dealing with: anger, feeling like a failure, being fake, science, superficial religion, forgiving the inexcusable.  Click here to start watching now.

  • Are you having trouble finding your way?  Are you in need of a new direction for your life?  Are you ready to embark on a deeper journey of faith that will lead you to experience the presence of God in a surprising way?  Check the series, Road Map.

  • I Believe, Now What?

    Journey Church's summer teaching series, I Believe, Now What? is based on James Emery White’s book, After I Believe.  This series highlights practical steps you can take to grow spiritually after deciding to follow Jesus.

    Click here to access this series.

  • Why Should I Believe?

    Believe in God? Why bother? Why should you? What difference would it make? Why not just believe in yourself?

    Click here to access this message.

  • Let's Get Real

    Fed up with the FAKE? Tired of FILTERS? Then watch this “Let’s Get Real” series as we get honest with God and ourselves and discuss the fact that … 

    -I’m Confused -I’m Tempted -I’m Tired -I’m Ashamed -I’m Selfish -I’m Lonely

    Click here to access this series.

  • Easter 2022

    Check out the 2022 Palm Sunday and Easter Messages:  We Have a Problem & There's Still Hope!

    Click here to access the series.

  • #yourbestlife

    What do you think it means to live your best life?  What will it take for you to achieve that?  Click here to access content from our series, #yourbestlife.

  • What's The Truth?

    Have you ever wondered what's the real truth about suffering?  About Jesus?  About the Bible?  This series is for you!

    Click here to access content from our series, What's The Truth?.

  • Miss Behavin'

    Take a closer look at some of the women and their stories in the Bible.

    Click here to access content from our series, Miss Behavin'.

  • No Offense

    With what people say and what they post on social media, there are plenty of opportunities to be offended pretty much every day. But before we speak back angrily or type in an outraged response—what if we decided there’s a better way to react? What if we chose to live unoffendable? Is that possible? (Click here to check it out.)


    • Stop Being Offended
    • Dealing With Toxic People
    • You're Not As Right As You Think
    • When Bitterness Takes Over
    • When Forgiveness Seems Impossible

YouVersion Bible App

During our in-person and online services, we invite you to follow along, take notes and reference the Bible in the Bible app!

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Additional Resources

Journey is committed to making disciples.  We want people to embrace life-altering faith in Jesus, after whom we passionately pattern our lives.  We seek to create opportunities for people to wrestle with spiritual questions in exploring faith.  Below are tools we find helpful in Bible study and spiritual development.

  • RightNow Media

    An online video-based resource of over 15,000 studies for Christian development geared toward groups, married couples, families, singles, students, children and leaders.  Subscription to this resource is our gift to you and is 100% free. 

    Click here to register for

    RightNow Media.   

  • The Bible Project

    A non-profit that produces animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to anyone.  

    Click here to check out The Bible Project.

  • BibleGateway.com

    A website designed to allow easy reading, listening, studying, searching, and sharing of the Christian Bible in over 150 different translations and languages.  

    Click here to explore BibleGateway.com.